Nova Scotia’s most famous attraction, the incredible Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island, is best experienced when you take time to explore all that it has to offer. There is much to discover when rounding the 580-kilometer tip of Cape Breton.

Are you ready to get digging? A stop at Memory Lane on Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore is where your adventure begins. Take a stroll around this historic 1940’s heritage village that captures a moment in history when clams were an integral part of the homegrown economy.

Known for its unique red sandy shores, Prince Edward Island boasts more than 800 kilometers of coastline, and some of the warmest beaches north of the Carolinas. It is no wonder that tourists have visited the “Gentle Island” from all around the world.

There is no doubt about it - Newfoundland has really come to the culinary forefront over the last few years. On this rugged Atlantic Coast Island known as "The Rock" you can eat like the fisherman, dine like a king, or graze like a rabbit at these foodie favourites in St John's. 

Maritime life brings with it a bounty of fresh seafood, stunning views, and best of all, beautiful pristine beaches. Nova Scotia boasts a plethora of clear-blue water beaches and white sandy shores that inspire locals and visitors alike.

Lobster, in all its splendor, will often bring hungry travelers to the table. Prince Edward Island may be the smallest Maritime Province, but it boasts a big offering when it comes to serving up some of the best lobster in the region.

When a wine lover visits Nova Scotia, they will likely end up exploring the Gaspereau Region, located in Kings County. With its rolling hills, vast farmland, unique geographical location and weather, this picturesque landscape is becoming recognized worldwide.

New Brunswick has much to discover for those who love raw nature and its beauty. From mountains, to rivers and lush pine forest, this maritime province is the perfect place for explorers, with the Bay of Fundy as its window to the world.

With so much to discover in this 19th-century village, Kings Landing in New Brunswick is the perfect place to spend a day. The museum alone has over 70,000 historical artifacts, making it one of Atlantic Canada’s largest collections. Step back in time to explore life as it once was in the 1800s.